bornstar tarining center

Born Star carries out various operations. If you wish to join us in our business, there are many opportunities waiting. Our business is as follows:

  • 1.Education business
  • Born Star’s education business operates through the 8 branch offices in Korea. The education business refers to the instruction programs related to broadcast, such as drama, performance, etc.
  • 2.Management business
  • Born Star currently takes care of more than 1,000 new artists entering the field. These artists are yet to make their debut and who are holistically prepared in singing, choreography, and other required aspects. Our most recent developments include our venture into the Japanese broadcast industry.
bornstartarning center
  • 3. Production business
  • Born Star supports productions of drama, records, cinema, and musicals. Music records continued their steadily increasing sales while our concerts are held multiple times throughout the year. Part of our profits from concerts and performances are donated for meaningful contributions to our society. The entirety of Born Star’s production work is fulfilled by the company capital.